Lessons in How to build a Rockstar Brand:

  1. 1 Welcome, and what to expect...

    Objective: Everything you need to know about this course so you can start your learning journey and build your own Rockstar Brand!

  2. 2 Exploring what ‘dream life’ means to you

    Objective: Delve into your wants, needs and desires to help design the future of your dreams.

  3. 3 Defining your 12 month goals

    Objective: Time to get specific - what does life look like 1 year from now?

  4. 4 Creating daily rituals

    Objective: Designing your daily rituals and ideal week so EVERY day takes you to your goals.

  5. 5 What is a Rockstar Brand?

    Objective: Let’s explore the concept before you begin to build your own Rockstar Brand.

  6. 6 Introducing our Rockstar Brand Method

    Objective: An overview of the RockstarBrand Method – in preparation for defining the strategic foundations of your own RockstarBrand.

  7. 7 What is a purpose led business?

    Objective: Understanding the power of being purpose led in creating strong engagement with your audience.

  8. 8 How to uncover your ‘why’

    Objective: Defining your own purpose, your big why – the soul of your business.

  9. 9 Why is it important to be customer obsessed?

    Objective: Explore what customer obsessed looks like and why becoming customer obsessed is a smart way to operate your brand.

  10. 10 How do you become customer obsessed?

    Objective: Defining your primary customer and using research to create a deep understanding including their underlying problem to solve.

  11. 11 Your brand's rational and emotional benefits

    Objective: Building on your customer insight to articulate how your product or service makes their lives better.

  12. 12 Why all the fuss about differentiation?

    Objective: The importance of differentiation in growth, sustainability and longevity.

  13. 13 Establishing your point of difference

    Objective: Identifying your most compelling unique attributes that combine to create meaningful differentiation to your audience.

  14. 14 What is mastery and why does it matter?

    Objective: Exploring the concept of mastery and understanding its role in building trust and respect.

  15. 15 Defining and communicating your brand's mastery

    Objective: Identifying your brand’s credibility proof points and creating a framework for communication.

  16. 16 Why is it important to have a signature process?

    Objective: Explore what a signature process is, and how you can use it to create differentiation in your business.

  17. 17 How to create your signature process

    Objective: How to create and present your own signature process, plus when and how you can use it.

  18. 18 Why is it important to define your values?

    Objective: Values are a critical part of your brand. Let’s explore exactly what they are, what they are used for and what they help you achieve.

  19. 19 The process to define your brand values

    Objective: The tools and process to create your own set of ready to implement values.

  20. 20 The importance of brand personality and how to define yours

    Objective: The role of a defined personality in humanising your brand and creating engagement – and defining yours.

  21. 21 Why do you need your own brand story?

    Objective: The power of storytelling to transform hearts and minds, and create a deeper connection with your audience.

  22. 22 Create your brand story

    Objective: Learn the structure of a good story, and how to use it to tell the journey of your brand – as you create your own brand story.

  23. 23 Understanding your customer’s journey

    Objective: Understand your customer’s journey and using it as the foundation for your marketing strategy.

  24. 24 My Rockstar Brand Strategy

    Objective: Time to compile all your hard work into one handy reference – your Rockstar Brand Strategy document. Your go to for all business and marketing decisions moving forward.

  25. 25 I have my Rockstar Brand Strategy – now what?

    Objective: Tips, resources and templates for next steps as you complete this course (yay!) and want to bring your new brand positioning to life.

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